IFBB League Nepal is a bodybuilding organization directly affiliated with the IFBB Professional League. IFBB League Nepal promotes the game of bodybuilding and talented bodybuilders in Nepal.

The IFBB League Nepal was registered in Kathmandu District Administration Office after receiving the approval from the National Sports Council. Well known national and international bodybuilders of the country are associated with this organization. Sanu Gurung, who is the three-time Mr. Nepal, (Champion of Champions) two-time Dharma-Shree title champion, and three-time Mr Hong Kong Gold Medalist (Best Poser) is the president of the IFBB League Nepal. He is the only lucky Nepali bodybuilder to get an opportunity to perform as a judge of the (2 BROS PRO) Pro Card event held in London, the UK in 2018.

Kathmandu, Nepal.

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FIBB League Nepal
Game 2019

15 - 16 Feb, 2019

kamaladi pragya pratisthan bhawan, Kathmandu, Nepal.